14 MORE Low Carb Tortillas Reviewed – Surprising Glucose Results!

14 MORE Low Carb Tortillas Reviewed - Surprising Glucose Results!

This is part three of the most comprehensive review I’ve ever done. In this part, I review all of the tortillas requested by viewers of the first two part and test my glucose response using a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor and the Levels Health software.

In total, I review 14 tortillas, many of which are “online only”. I was genuinely surprised by a couple of the glucose testing results. I also found that there was a consistent factor in which tortillas cause me inflammation (pain in my knuckles and knees).

0:00 Intro
0:44 La Bandarita Carb Counter Street Tacos
2:58 Hero tortillas
5:42 Hero again
6:37 Mama Lupes
10:26 A la Madre
12:50 Xtreme Wellness – 2 more flavors
15:32 La Tortilla Factory flour tortilla
18:51 Extraordinary Bites
21:17 Cut da Carb
23:28 Mr. Tortilla – 4 flavors
28:32 Summary

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