Black Friday Keto Deals – Perfect Keto, ChocZero, Keto Chow, ChipMonk

Black Friday Keto Deals - Perfect Keto, ChocZero, Keto Chow, ChipMonk

If you’re like me, you stock up on keto goodies when the big sales roll around, and there’s no sale bigger thank Black Friday. Here are the deals from my favorite keto brands.

Perfect Keto (November 21-27)
* Up to 50% off, no coupon code necessary
* Free shipping
* Daily deals
* Free gift choice on orders over $145

ChocZero (November 21-27)
* Loads of items on sale
* Free gifts
* Deals are stackable with 10% code SERIOUSKETO at checkout

ChipMonk Baking (November 23-27)
* 10% off orders less than $50 with code BF10
* 15% off orders $50-$99 with code BF15
* 20% off orders $100-$199 with code BF20
* 25% off orders great than $200 with code BF25
* Free cookies and swag depending on order size

Keto Chow (November 21-28)
* 10% off store-wide using on-site coupon code
* Spend $100, Get $10 Store Credit
* Spend $200, Get $25 Store Credit
* Spend $300, Get $40 Store Credit
* Spend $200 or more and get the recipe box
* Doorbuster deals starting at midnight Eastern on 11/25

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