Boutique Keto Chocolate? Energy Pods and CocoZen Reviewed

Boutique Keto Chocolate?  Energy Pods and CocoZen Reviewed

In this video, Courtney and I review two products from KG Food Co: Energy Pod meal replacements and CocoZen chocolate spread. Are these the new standard for decadent flavor while still being low carb?

Also, because this was recorded a couple of days before Christmas, there was a steady stream of UPS and Amazon delivery truck noise in the background.

In terms of glucose testing, I show the graph from my Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor and the Levels Health analysis software at 4:28. I consumed a bit more than half a serving of the Energy Pod and about a tablespoon of the CocoZen. There was NO upward movement in my glucose over the two hour period.

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0:00 Intro and pricing
1:49 Energy Pod ingredients and macros
3:22 Energy Pod taste test
6:12 CocoZen ingredients and macros
7:38 CocoZen taste test
7:46 Overall thoughts and wrap-up

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