Can You Decrease Glucose Response in Pasta? My Final Resistant Starch Video

Can You Decrease Glucose Response in Pasta?  My Final Resistant Starch Video

I’ve done all manner of testing of foods that supposedly be turned into resistant starch: potatoes, rice, tapioca starch, bread, etc. The one thing I haven’t tested until now is pasta.

In 2014, there was an episode of “Trust Me, I’m a Doctor” on BBC where a claim was made that by cooking, then cooling, then reheating pasta, it would become “good for you” and “healthier”. It would feed your gut biome and reduce the calories and glucose response by up to 50%.

In this video, I perform my own tests, doing my best to replicate what I saw in that BBC video. This test should not be considered scientific, but rather as entertainment. I am not a medical professional and nothing in this video should be construed as medical advice.

Link to BBC article & video:

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0:00 Intro & disclaimer
3:04 Pasta baseline
4:37 Baseline pasta results
6:15 Chilled pasta test
6:57 Chilled pasta results
8:18 “Resistant” pasta test
9:40 “Resistant” pasta results
11:22 Chilled pasta with olive oil
13:11 Chilled pasta with oil results
13:57 Summary

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