Can You Freeze the Carbs Out of Bread? Resistant Starch Claim Tested

Can You Freeze the Carbs Out of Bread?  Resistant Starch Claim Tested

Recently, there was a video by Dr. Alan Mandell on his channel, motivationaldoc, where he describes a process that supposedly turns the flour in white bread into a “resistant starch”, thereby rendering some amount of the carbs to be unabsorbed by your body and decreasing the glucose response when white bread is consumed. His statements in the video are based on a study referenced on PubMed (linked below).

All of of my previous testing on “resistant” starch led me to believe that this was just wishful thinking, and potentially even dangerous for people who need to keep control over their blood glucose. So armed with a Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor and a smug attitude, I decided to test it out on myself.

0:00 Intro
1:13 A critical look at the study
4:54 My testing methodology
6:03 Baseline: plain white bread
7:42 “Resistant” bread test
11:32 Summary

Video by Dr. Mandell:

PubMed article:

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