Carbonaut – Four Breads Reviewed – Surprising Glucose Tests

Carbonaut - Four Breads Reviewed - Surprising Glucose Tests

I get regular requests to review Carbonaut bread. And while I had quit doing glucose tests during reviews, given the price of this bread, I wanted to do a VERY comprehensive review. So I busted out my last continuous glucose monitor and started testing.

I didn’t expect the results I got.

0:00 Intro
2:50 Cinnamon raisin taste test
4:18 Cinnamon raisin glucose results
5:33 White bread taste test
7:49 White bread glucose results
9:17 Seeded bread taste test
10:24 Seeded bread glucose results
11:30 Burger bun taste test
12:24 Burger bun glucose results
13:53 Burger bun vs bread test
16:15 Final test (regular bread) and summary

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