Carnivore / Keto Tortillas 🌮🌮 AMAZING 🌮🌮 Only .5g Total Carbs Each!

Carnivore / Keto Tortillas 🌮🌮 AMAZING 🌮🌮 Only .5g Total Carbs Each!

This is my third tortilla video and they have moved across the spectrum from low carb to keto to (now) carnivore. In terms of ingredients, this is the simplest tortilla I’ve done. In terms of flavor, flexibility and pliability, this is my new “go to” tortilla. Did I mention, just .5 TOTAL grams of carbohydrates?

As I mention in the video, it took me several trials to get this recipe nailed down. If you choose not to follow my method or ingredients, this may not turn out for you. Be prepared to possibly screw up as you get used to the timing and order of operations for making these. But once you “get it”, you’ll be banging these out quickly and consistently.

Printable recipe with macros:

Tools used in this video:
Cuisinart mini food processor:
Lodge cast iron skillets:
IR thermometer:
10″ tortilla press:
10″ parchment rounds:
Desiccant packets:
Bench scraper:
Beef gelatin:
Acetyl pyrazine (this gives a corn chip flavor):

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