Chaffle Experiments – The Quest for Chewiness and/or Crispness

Chaffle Experiments - The Quest for Chewiness and/or Crispness

Sometimes, my cooking videos are complete recipes; other times, they are a behind the scenes look into the ingredients and tools I’m using. This video is the latter.

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of comments about my old “pizza crust” chaffle video and if I ever figured out a way to boost the chew and/or crispness of it. In this video, I try out three ingredients I haven’t worked with yet to see if any of them get me closer to a great pizza crust chaffle, and perhaps even a great pizza crust.

Based on what I learned today, I could see me rolling out a new pizza chaffle recipe within the next week or two. I also see a lot of potential future applications for these ingredients: batter/breading, cookies, crackers, tortillas, bread/buns, and (of course) a low carb pizza crust.

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