Chicken Bread – Meet Your New Keto / Carnivore Sandwich Bun

Chicken Bread - Meet Your New Keto / Carnivore Sandwich Bun

This recipe contains some super cool modernist cuisine food science and an ingredient you may not be familiar with, transglutaminase (or TG). TG is sometimes referred to as “meat glue” because of it’s abilities to make proteins stick together. The implications of this for a low carb diet are huge.

FULL DISCLOSURE: transglutaminase does contain maltodextrin. Not a significant amount and certainly not enough to impact the carb count, but if you are opposed to maltodextrin in any quantity (no matter how small), this recipe isn’t for you.

Printable recipe with macros:

Introduction and explanation of ingredients: 0:00
Chicken Bundt cake bun: 3:23
Chicken chaffle “bread”: 5:28
Taste test and final thoughts: 6:25

Products used in this video:
Transglutaminase RM:
Sodium caseinate:
Beef gelatin:
Cuisinart mini food processor:
Dash mini waffle maker:
Dash mini Bundt maker:

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