ChipMonk Baking – Key Lime Pie Bites (small batch flavor) plus a giveaway!

ChipMonk Baking - Key Lime Pie Bites (small batch flavor) plus a giveaway!

In this video, Courtney and I review ChipMonk Baking’s recent monthly small batch offering, key lime pie. Although it’s sold out, we have partnered with ChipMonk baking to giveaway a bag of these cookie bites to three lucky winners. Watch the video for details. Winners will be selected on July 21st.

Because ChipMonk makes all their products in-house (at their dedicated gluten free bakery in Houston), they are able to create unique small batch flavors on a regular basis. Each month, they survey their email subscribers to find out what flavor they’d like most, they’ll whip up a recipe, and then make a limited number of pouches just for their newsletter subscribers. Past flavors have included chocolate peanut butter, gingerbread, pizza and baklava, and they have tons of ideas for more. If you want to help them come up with new ideas and to get your hands on these unique flavors is to sign up for their weekly email newsletter here:

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