Chipmonk Individual Cookies Review plus a Surprise!

Chipmonk Individual Cookies Review plus a Surprise!

In this video, Courtney and I review two individually packed cookies, plus my favorite cookie bite. Despite what I said in this video about the higher protein in the peanut butter cookie, it turns out that it is NOT their protein cookie (maybe they’ll send me some of those to review). Also, my grandson Colton shares his feelings about the chocolate peanut butter bites.

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5 Top Tips For A Healthy Diet Plan

The very easy means to drop weight naturally is to have a healthy weight reduction diet plan that fits you and your way of living. The harder you make your diet regimen the much less most likely you are to stay with it and also do well. Right here are 5 ideas to assist you choose the very best foods.

How To Lose Your Belly And Keep It Off For Good

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