ChipMonk January 2023 Small Batch Caramel Sandwich Cookies Review

ChipMonk January 2023 Small Batch Caramel Sandwich Cookies Review

In this video, Terry and I review the two newest small batch cookies from ChipMonk Baking – the chocolate caramel cookie sandwich and the vanilla caramel cookie sandwich. We also let you in on what the upcoming small batch flavors will be.

Both Terry and I were recovering from RSV when will filmed this (which is why she looks tired and I sound congested). I can assure you that our taste buds were working just fine.

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Upcoming small batch flavors:
Strawberry Shortcake Bites: January 22
Birthday Cake & Red Velvet Protein Cookies: February 5
King Cake Iced Keto Cookie Sandwiches: February 19th

All of these will be released via the VIP Text Club. Join by texting ‘CHIPMONK’ to (833) 645-0998 or by visiting the signup link:

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