ChipMonk Small Batch Alert: Brookies (Brownies plus Cookies)

ChipMonk Small Batch Alert: Brookies (Brownies plus Cookies)

I’m a big fan of almost everything ChipMonk Baking makes (of course, I tell you when I don’t like of their products). I also like supporting them since they are a small business, run by a diabetic who loves baked sweets and who wants to share that with other people living a low carb lifestyle.

Every so often, ChipMonk will release a small batch recipe. These tend to sell out in less than one day, so I do these announcements as a public service announcement. This month, they have Frankensteined together a brownie with their peanut butter cookie and have come up with something that is hard to believe is keto friendly, it just tastes so decadent.

These small batch runs sell out very quickly, so I hope you have a chance to try them out.

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