Crave Bakehouse – 🍩 Six Keto Donuts Reviewed 🍩

Crave Bakehouse - 🍩 Six Keto Donuts Reviewed 🍩

We recently received a collection of donuts from Crave Bakehouse, a bakery that specializes in products for specific dietary needs, including: keto, paleo, diabetic, gluten free and dairy free. In this video, we try out six of their sweet donuts and give our impressions.

Nutritional facts and ingredients:

If placing an order, use the code seriousketo20 to get 20% off any of the following:
– Pick your own half dozen donuts
– Half dozen pizza “donuts”
– Package of nine 7″ pizza crusts

Please note that I AM NOT an affiliate marketing partner with Crave Bakehouse and do not receive any commission from sales made with my coupon code.

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