Crazy Thickener Interactions – 😲 The Last One was a Total Surprise 😲

Crazy Thickener Interactions - 😲 The Last One was a Total Surprise 😲

It will be a while until I’m ready to release an “official” keto / non-starch thickeners video. There’s just so much to test, including: do they thicken in hot and/or cold, do they require shear/blending, do they emulsify fats, and do they have interactions with other thickeners?

In this video, I have edited down my most recent kitchen livestream (which I do for channel members). Things start off rather uneventful as I simply test a few common “gum” thickeners in water to test their properties. Then, I start combining thickeners – and that’s when things got weird…

0:00 Intro
1:19 Start of the livestream
3:22 Locust bean gum
6:34 Guar gum
9:18 Locust bean gum & guar gum
10:49 Xanthan gum
15:13 Locust bean gum & xanthan gum
17:36 Xanthan gum & glucomannan
19:16 Surprise interaction

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