Hungarian Inspired Mushroom Soup

Hungarian Inspired Mushroom Soup

Now is a good time to get prepared and stock your freezer with easy soups and healthy meals. Soups are easy to make at home (especially if you’re too sick to make something complicated) reheating them is an easy choice for equipping you and your family with food for several days.
Once cooled this soup can lay flat on your freezer. Meaning you can stack several on top of one another.

Very important to this dish and all Hungarian paprika-based dishes is the quality of the paprika. There are a lot of paprika powders on the market but only a few of them come from Hungary. Use quality, real Hungarian paprika. There’s no comparison in flavor.

Confused about what paprika to use? I recommend this brand:

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3-4 cloves garlic
1/2 white onion
4 tbsp sour cream
1 lb mushrooms
32 oz stock (any stock will work. May I recommend mushroom?)
1.5 tbsp dry dill
1.5 tbsp sweet paprika
Salt/pepper (to taste)
high heat oil (ghee, grape seed, avocado oil will work)

1) Start a saucepot on high heat with a light coating of oil.
2) Once very hot start roughly chopping the mushrooms and tossing them into the pan. Let the mushrooms get some color and stir them occasionally to make sure they all get a little color
3) While the mushrooms brown, start chopping the garlic cloves (rough mince) and onions.
4) Once you can see a layer of brown on the pan aka fond, its time to deglaze with the stock. Keep the pan hot and stir with a rubber spatula while mixing in the stock. Scrape all the fond off the bottom.
5) Lower to a low/medium heat, add the garlic, onion, salt pepper, and spices. Cook covered until the onions are semi-transparent. Then turn off the heat.
6) Once cooled enough to touch the pot, add the sour cream. Mix until creamy, add more for a more creamy and more tangy soup.


If you plan on reheating, undercook the soup slightly. (once the onions are semi-transparent on the edges, but not the middle) And once your lovely Hungarian Mushroom Soup has cooled dump into a zipper-lock bag, label with date and type, and then lay flat in your freezer. Reheating is as simple as tossing it into a pot and reheating on the stove.

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