Jada Brand Spices: Chicken Salt and Chick’n Mix Reviewed

Jada Brand Spices: Chicken Salt and Chick'n Mix Reviewed

In this video, Courtney and I review some products that don’t really fall into the Serious Keto wheelhouse. However, I know I have a number of vegan keto/low carb viewers, so this review is mostly for them. We try out 5 different spice blends (which may be a worthwhile addition to your keto spice cabinet) and a vegan “chicken” mix.

While I probably won’t do anything further with any sort of textured vegetable/wheat/chickpea protein for my channel, I have shared my findings with one of my other favorite keto people, Heavenly Fan. She does some really wonderful vegan keto stuff on her channel (linked below) and I have shared my experiments so far with her.

Heavenly Fan’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrpsh8DTCnr-_8CCcCCuK9Q

You can find these products on Amazon:

Or direct from Jada Brands:

Note: I am NOT an affiliate marketing partner with Jada brands.

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