Keto Cereal Showdown – Wonderworks, Incredibowl, Catalina Crunch and Perfect Keto w/ glucose testing

Keto Cereal Showdown - Wonderworks, Incredibowl, Catalina Crunch and Perfect Keto w/ glucose testing

In this video, Terry and I try out five different cereals. We provide the macronutrient info, give our thoughts on the ingredients, and I do blood glucose testing on all of them. Is there one or more that we’d recommend?

0:00 Intro
1:27 Wonderworks chocolate
4:02 Incredibowl chocolate
6:45 Perfect Keto chocolate
9:29 Wonderworks peanut butter
12:46 Catalina Crunch cinnamon toast
14:59 Glucose testing results
16:17 Is there a winner?

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