Keto Chocolate Covered Nut Clusters – Best Fat Bomb Ever – 2g net carbs!

Keto Chocolate Covered Nut Clusters - Best Fat Bomb Ever - 2g net carbs!

This recipe was sort of an accident as I was trying to create keto granola bites. I turned out to be one of the most delicious mistakes I’ve ever made. These nut clusters taste like something you’d pay a few dollars each for at a candy store. They are so addicting that you will need to exercise some serious willpower, even though they are only 2g net carbs each.

Printable recipe with macros:

Products used in this video:
Silicone baking mat:
#50 disher:
Maldon salt flakes: (select the 8oz pkg for the right price/shipping)
Paraffin wax: (you can also find this near the canning supplies at most grocery stores or WalMart — probably cheaper)

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