Keto Chow – I Finally Gave In and Tried It – 11 Flavors Reviewed

Keto Chow - I Finally Gave In and Tried It - 11 Flavors Reviewed

It seems almost weekly, I’m asked to do a review of Keto Chow by one of my viewers. I’ve resisted up until this point, as I personally don’t have a strong desire to consume “meal replacements”. I finally relented and tried a number of different flavors over the course of a week. This video contains my impressions.

Also, Keto Chow has a YouTube channel where they show the best way(s) to mix up their shakes (and other stuff):
Here’s the video where they use butter as their fat:

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Keto Chow Sucralose article and calculator:

Chapter markers:
Intro & “unboxing”: 0:00
Key lime pie: 2:15
Lemon meringue: 3:25
Chocolate peanut butter: 5:57
Peaches & cream: 6:59
Caramel macchiato: 7:33
Chocolate: 8:17
Vanilla: 9:08
Mocha & making ice cream: 10:31
Root beer float: 11:42
Snickerdoodle: 12:57
Mint chocolate: 14:47
Closing thoughts and discount: 16:49

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