Keto Chow pt 2 – Six More Flavors Reviewed

Keto Chow pt 2 - Six More Flavors Reviewed

In this video, I enlist my family to help me review several more flavors of Keto Chow. Because there are SO MANY flavors of Keto Chow, there will probably be another couple of these review videos. In this batch, there were a couple that were a little “meh” and two that are perhaps the best we’ve tasted.

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Chapter markers:
0:00 Intro
0:50 Piña Colada
2:21 Raspberry Cheesecake
4:05 Pumpkin Spice
5:17 Cookies & Cream
6:28 Eggnog
7:36 Natural Strawberry
9:22 Wrap-up

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