Keto Chow Unboxing plus Two Recipes (Churros and Chocolate Cake) – June 2023

Keto Chow Unboxing plus Two Recipes (Churros and Chocolate Cake) - June 2023

In this video, Terry and I not only unbox the June Keto Chow surprise box, we also try out a couple of Keto Chow recipes: churros and mini chocolate cakes with ganache.

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Keto Chow Sucralose article and calculator:

Products used in this video (besides Keto Chow):
Purecane sweetener:
Cake decorating gun:
Wagyu tallow:
Variable measuring cup:
Silicon muffin mold:

0:00 Intro
1:09 Unboxing
2:45 Recipe cards
4:26 Churros
8:52 Mini chocolate cakes
14:21 Wrap-up

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