Keto Orange Dreamsicle “Jello” – .5g Total Carb per Serving

Keto Orange Dreamsicle "Jello" - .5g Total Carb per Serving

In this video, I show just how simple it is to make keto “Jello” (or “jelly” if you’re in the UK or Australia). You can get all the health benefits of gelatin/collagen as well as a tasty, sugar free snack.

1. Dissolve 2 TB (20g) of beef gelatin or 2 packets of Knox gelatin in 1 cup (237mL) of HOT water (275F or 80C).

2. Add 2 cups (473mL) of room temperature water, a packet of the drink mix of your choice, and (optionally) any additional sweetener. Whisk together, then divide across 6 small bowls.

3. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours, then serve.

Items used/shown in this video:
Beef gelatin:
Knox gelatin:
Vanilla creme stevia drops:

HealthLine article on the benefits of gelatin:

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