Keto Upgrade / Sugar Swap Bakeshop Review

Keto Upgrade / Sugar Swap Bakeshop Review

This is a different sort of review video. First, it’s a review of product from another YouTube channel. Second, I talk about the economics of starting a keto bakery or other business. And third, I congratulate Alycia on her upcoming baby.

Because Alycia will be working from home for a while, she will not be able to ship products out of the state of New York until she’s back in her bakery. I’ll still include a link to her bakery below as well as links to the recipes of each of the products I review here.

0:00 Intro
1:30 White bread
4:44 Mini Italian herb rolls
7:11 Burger bun
8:46 Bakery economics

Sugar Swap Bakeshop:

Keto Upgrade Channel (where you can find all of her recipes):
Alycia’s bread recipe:
Alycia’s Italian rolls and hamburger buns:

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