Kitchen Boss – Sous Vide G320 System Tested and Reviewed

Kitchen Boss - Sous Vide G320 System Tested and Reviewed

A company named Kitchen Boss recently reached out to me to ask if I would do a promo for their sous vide immersion circulator and vacuum sealer. I told them that I don’t do promos, but I would give them an honest review if they wanted to send me their product.

In this video, I describe sous vide and why I like to cook with it, I compare the Kitchen Boss to two other sous vide cookers I have, and then I put it through a series of tests.

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G320 immersion circulator:
Vacuum sealer:

Other products used in this video:
Pogo whisk:
Cambro containers:
Silicone mitts:
“Egg” by Michael Ruhlman:

Video timestamps:
Intro to sous vide: 0:00
Unboxing: 4:55
Testing performance: 8:15
Eggs – two ways: 13:13
Reheating bulk food prep: 19:31
Vacuum sealer and steak: 21:49
Conclusion: 24:50

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