Lessons Learned from Over a Week of Fasting

Lessons Learned from Over a Week of Fasting

I recently completed my longest fast to date – 7.5 days. The experience was great and I learned A LOT, including some pretty surprising biometric and body composition results. In this video, I summarize the experience and share my lessons learned.

0:00 Intro
0:49 Why “starve” yourself?
2:21 Hour 44 update and boredom
4:26 Calories in, calories out
5:51 Body reset & autophagy
6:57 Electrolyte learnings
9:43 Day 6 update, ready to quit
11:55 Getting fasting advice
12:50 Day 7 update, sense of smell
14:30 Final weigh-in
17:05 Breaking the fast
20:30 Refeeding impact on body composition
24:05 Other biometrics
25:51 Wrap-up and next fast

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A Powerfull Weight Loss Combination – 10/2 and a Chew

Visi has actually done it again. The Visi Group observed that when 2 separate products Visi Vinnle and also Visi Probita were taken in combination with each other the synergism in between the products delivered remarkable weight-loss outcomes.

Weight Loss Tips You Will Love

The thought of embarking on a diet regimen program is typically so daunting, that it is typically extremely tempting to put-off reducing weight for a while, and also in many cases to put things off permanently. But right here are a few suggestions that will making the process of reducing weight simpler and more satisfying, and with any luck much more eye-catching to you.

What Happens When The Diet Is Over?

When people have effectively reduced weight on a minimizing diet, they are frequently perplexed regarding what they can eat. It is recognised that around 98% of people that have reduced weight finish up putting it back on and extra besides. There is no easy answer to this, but if we re-educate ourselves to which foods can be consumed and also in what quantity, by exploring, maybe we stand a great opportunity of not being among the 98%.

Advances In Food Are Keeping Us Fat

In modern-day society we take in foods that are classified organic, yet we stay fat. It is stated, consume from the food groups, as well as exercise and also you will lose weight. As a consumer of food as well as an individual that has fought with fat burning allow me assure you, something in our food is maintaining us fat. The varieties of sugars, substances and also steroids in our foods has made food digestion tough as well as has raised our midsections. Excessive weight is not just a problem anymore, it is an epidemic.

Features of a Good Weight Loss Program

Issues of losing weight have remained to influence a fantastic portion of the human population. This is since excessive weight is related to a great deal of drawbacks. As an example, both recent and old research results have shown that having extreme fats in the body can lead to a range of life threatening medical problems such as heart artery apoplexy and also cardiac arrest. This explains why the majority of people are chasing after weight loss diet plans. Notwithstanding the high need for top quality weight reduction diet plans, it is challenging to find throughout a reputable fat loss diet regimen. This article will certainly highlight the major attributes of a great weight loss program.

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