Low Carb / Keto Tortilla Mega Review – 12 Tortillas w/Glucose Testing – Part 1

Low Carb / Keto Tortilla Mega Review - 12 Tortillas w/Glucose Testing - Part 1

This is part one of the most comprehensive review I’ve ever done. For twelve different low carb or “keto” tortillas, I’ll be giving you the rundown on taste, texture, ingredients, carbs (total and net) and my blood glucose response. I’ll also let you know which ones caused me inflammation issues.

0:00 Intro & disclaimer
2:37 L’Oven Fresh Keto Friendly
5:23 Nutri-rica’s Carb Watch
8:45 La Tortilla Factory Low Carb
11:27 La Bandarita Carb Counter
14:26 Un-Tortilla
17:12 Ole Extreme Wellness
19:56 Joseph’s Lavash Bread

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