Mega Review – Keto Bakes Waffle & Pancake Mix plus the Presto Stuffler & More

Mega Review - Keto Bakes Waffle & Pancake Mix plus the Presto Stuffler & More

Originally, this was just going to be a review of the pancake and waffle mix from Keto Bakes, but it wound up becoming a “Mega Review”. Besides the pancake mix, I also review the Dash Everyday Griddle, the Presto Stuffler stuffed waffle maker, ChocZero strawberry jam, and Walden Farms maple bacon syrup.

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Presto Stuffler:
Dash Mini waffle maker:
IR thermometer gun:

0:00 Intro & ingredients
3:18 Making the batter
4:26 Pancakes
9:08 Waffles
10:58 Stuffed waffles
13:45 Summary

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