My Birthday – Your Savings! Deals from Perfect Keto, ChocZero, ChipMonk, Aviate and Keto Chow

My Birthday - Your Savings!  Deals from Perfect Keto, ChocZero, ChipMonk, Aviate and Keto Chow

To celebrate my 55th birthday, a number of my affiliate marketing partners have agreed to do some special deals for my viewers (or just for St. Patrick’s Day). Here they are:

🍀Perfect Keto Sale- March 13-20:
Offer: Up to 35% off sitewide
• 20% off 2 items sitewide
• 25% off 3 items sitewide
• 30% off 4-5 items sitewide
• 35% off 5+ items sitewide
Code: NA, discount automatically applies at checkout

🍫ChocZero Sale – March 17-19:
Use code SERIOUSKETO at checkout to get 15% your entire order.

🍪ChipMonk Baking Deal – March 17-31
Free chocolate peanut butter cookie bites on orders over $40 (must be manually added to your cart)

🥞Aviate Foods Sale – March 17-24
Get 30% off the price of 2 or more items using code HBDSTEVE
Amazon link: link:
Aviate Foods website:

🥛Keto Chow Deal – March 17, 10am-5pm Central time
20% off Irish Cream flavor using code IRISH-20
Get 10% your Keto Chow purchase using the above link AND the code SeriousKeto
(discounts are not stackable)
5 lucky customers will get the price of their order refunded

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The Importance of Calorie Counters for Weight Management

Exactly how else will you drop weight? For me I slimmed down well by working out, yet I truly dropped the pounds after mounting an app to my phone to track the calories I ate. I still use my calorie counter everyday, consisting of the days that I do lengthy cycle rides which assists with dietary preparation.

3 Dangers of Cardio (Number 1 Research Study)

There are 3 big reasons to stop doing cardio that I’ll share with you today, consisting of that frightening research study. Cardio is terrible for weight loss as well as aiding you obtain the body of your desires, there needs to be an equilibrium of …

Natural Weight Loss Based On Individual Body Type

Losing body fat is generally a setback for lots of people. With the various weight loss and diet regimen plans nowadays this problem is normally bigger than it should be. Furthermore, some of us who choose to appreciate a wholesome way of living by carrying out a diet regimen or physical fitness program to preserve our ideal body weight periodically fall brief of our wanted goals despite our diet programs strategies. Therefore it’s of relevance to recognize the natural environments of effective weight loss according to your distinct physique.

Tips to Lose Weight As Fast As Possible With Zero Hunger

If you have too much weight, life can not only be unpleasant however likewise harmful. With the appropriate guidance, having a lean body is no more a wishful thinking. Remaining hungry in order to lose weight is not necessary. While losing added weight rapidly is wise, starving yourself is excruciating and unpractical.

Fighting Weight – White Fat Versus Brown Fat Debate

We are always seeking reasons that it ends up being harder to lose weight and maintain it off as we obtain older. Another reason progressed concerning this is the function of white fat versus brownish fat that all of us have in varying degrees. Brownish fat cells, labeled that due to the fact that they include one of the most mitochondria, the pigment that binds iron and also gives them their color.

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