My Keto Pantries pt 1 – The Quick Tour and My Thoughts on Keto Baking Ingredients

My Keto Pantries pt 1 - The Quick Tour and My Thoughts on Keto Baking Ingredients

This is part one of what will likely be a monthly series to help out new and experienced keto folks. Keto ingredients can be expensive and my goal with this series is to help you avoid spending money on something you won’t use.

In this episode, I give you a tour of my THREE pantry areas and then dive into the baking shelf of my pantry. I’ll discuss flours as well as flour “boosters” or “companions”. In subsequent videos, I’ll discuss sweeteners, oils, herbs/spices, fat bomb ingredients, and “secret weapons”.

0:00 Intro & disclaimer
2:20 My kitchen pantry
5:39 Pantry #2 (the expansion)
7:21 Basement pantry
8:40 Keto flours
12:00 Flour “boosters”

Pantry “Gotta Have”:
OXO containers:
Almond flour:
and/or Coconut flour:
Lupini flour:
Perfected xanthan gum:
Whey protein isolate:
Psyllium husk:
Psyllium powder:
Wagyu tallow:

Pantry “Nice to Have”:
Cashew flour:
Pecan flour:
Oat fiber:
Flax seeds:
Chia seeds:

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