New Electrolytes Reviewed – SALTT from Keto Chow

New Electrolytes Reviewed - SALTT from Keto Chow

If you’re living a ketogenic lifestyle, there’s a very high likelihood that you’re not getting enough electrolytes. This can result in fatigue, lethargy, body aches, muscle cramps, and/or the “keto flu”.

In this video, Courtney and I reveal the newest product from Keto Chow: SALTT (@DrinkSaltT ) electrolyte drink mixes. We also compare them to Perfect Keto’s electrolyte drink mix and capsules.

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Time stamps:
0:00 Intro and comparison to Perfect Keto’s products
3:25 SALTT Citrus Splash
4:49 Perfect Keto lemon lime
6:26 SALTT Cocoa Loco
8:22 SALTT Booyah Berry
9:27 The need for electrolytes

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