Not So Serious Keto Interview #1 – Dennis from Black Tie Kitchen

Not So Serious Keto Interview #1 - Dennis from Black Tie Kitchen

In this monthly series, I will be interviewing other YouTube keto content creators – some more famous than others, but all are fantastic contributors to the keto community.

This month, I’m interviewing Dennis from Black Tie Kitchen. I realize I’ve had him on a few co-podcasts, but this is the first formal “interview”. Plus, as I state in the video, I figured he’d be a lot more forgiving as I work out any bugs in the process.

Black Tie Kitchen YouTube channel:

0:00 Intro
1:09 The beards
2:18 BTK backstory
5:30 Filming challenges
7:49 Biggest screwups
10:44 Keto cocktails
14:16 Coffee
19:04 Why Dennis started keto
21:24 Dogmatic keto
25:46 Keto is an individual thing
29:01 Common viewer questions
33:14 Kitchen chemistry
34:58 The reach of YouTube
38:56 Keto interviews

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