Not So Serious Keto Interview #4 – David and Jose from Chipmonk Baking

Not So Serious Keto Interview #4 - David and Jose from Chipmonk Baking

In this monthly series, I will be interviewing other YouTube keto content creators – some more famous than others, but all are fantastic contributors to the keto community.

This month, I’m interviewing Jose and David from Chipmonk Baking and doing a giveaway. To enter the giveaway, you must be in the US or in a US territory, then just leave a comment and I will randomly draw 3 winners on July 3rd to receive some cookies from Chipmonk.

Buy from ChipMonk Baking:
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0:00 Intro
0:56 Jose becomes diabetic
3:53 and modifies his diet
6:47 The need for sweets
8:16 The start of keto baking
11:06 The birth of Chipmonk
14:10 Favorite flavors & food science
16:49 Early baking mistakes
18:58 Best & worst flavors
21:30 Creating new flavors
23:42 The challenge of clean ingredients
28:05 The impact of the pandemic
30:58 The cost of making and shipping cookies
36:21 Moving in to stores
39:31 Going beyond cookies
43:44 Celebrity look alike
44:49 Wrap-up and giveaway

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