Not So Serious Keto Interview #5.1 – Joe and Rachel from 2KrazyKetos

Not So Serious Keto Interview #5.1 - Joe and Rachel from 2KrazyKetos

In this monthly series, I will be interviewing other YouTube keto content creators – some more famous than others, but all are fantastic contributors to the keto community.

This month, I’m interviewing Joe and Rachel from 2KrazyKetos. Because of the length of our conversation, I have split the interview into two parts.

2KrazyKetos’ YouTube channel:

0:00 Intro & energy drinks
1:54 The 2KK channel
6:40 Weight loss
8:18 Keto beyond weight loss
14:35 More keto side effects
17:10 No more sickness
23:32 Family keto
26:21 Challenges of married keto
30:19 The mental switch to high fat
36:09 Keto conferences

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