Not So Serious Keto Interview #5.2 – Joe and Rachel from 2KrazyKetos

Not So Serious Keto Interview #5.2 - Joe and Rachel from 2KrazyKetos

In this monthly series, I will be interviewing other YouTube keto content creators – some more famous than others, but all are fantastic contributors to the keto community.

This month, I’m interviewing Joe and Rachel from 2KrazyKetos. This is part 2 of the interview.

2KrazyKetos’ YouTube channel:

0:00 Is there a “right” way to do keto?
6:23 Star Wars nerd moment
7:01 Making keto more welcoming
9:27 Zevia burps
10:26 Technology and kitchen gadgets
12:42 Anova precision oven review
19:26 Favorite kitchen gadget
21:50 Bacon and other smells
23:31 Has keto “peaked”?
29:26 You may be keto if…

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Do You Feel You Can’t Lose Weight?

Slimming down is uncomplicated. It is a fundamental formula of consuming the right foods, not overeating, as well as permitting your exercise to burn up the gas that your body has been fed. However why do so lots of people discover it tough?

Stay Hydrated While Walking This Summer

I see a great deal of people out strolling nowadays; they take their canines, ear buds and also music and off on their day-to-day trek. I expect lots of people are just going with an hour, and at 3 mph hr, well that is regarding 3-miles right? Excellent but out right here in California we’ve had some very high temperatures, 100-degrees Fahrenheit, so it makes feeling to power up before you walk with the ideal diet plan and also water, as well as take water with you additionally, and something for your pet dog as well, if you have one in tow.

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An overview of the a lot of fundamental means of shedding fat and boosting general health and wellness. No calorie checking, viewing carbohydrates or fat or extreme diet programs.

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