Perfect Keto Memorial Day Sale – What I Will and Won’t Buy

Perfect Keto Memorial Day Sale - What I Will and Won't Buy

I only make purchases from Perfect Keto during their big sales, and you can always count on one such sale for Memorial Day. In this video, I do a speedy review of most of Perfect Keto’s products. I list the products I use daily, the ones that are nice to have (but not essential), and the products I simply can’t see buying.

This sale runs from May 24th through May 31st. No coupon code is necessary if you use this link:

o 1 item for 10% off
o 2 items for 15% off
o 3-4 items for 25% off
o 5+ for 35% off
o + FREE shipping on all orders over $29.99***

***not applicable for Canada (sorry).

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