Podcast #108 – Giveaways & Scammers, Unhappy YouTubers, Empty Nesting

Podcast #108 - Giveaways & Scammers, Unhappy YouTubers, Empty Nesting

Think of this video as an audio podcast (lots of me talking) with some video (mostly of me talking). I’ll be discussing keto related topics that are in the news, discussing frequently asked questions from my viewers, and sometimes talking about some non-keto stuff (but probably cooking related).

In this episode, I give a few important Perfect Keto updates and talk about my commercial for them, I discuss the pros and cons of doing giveaways, I share an interesting survey of YouTube content creators, and I gush about the benefits of being an empty nester.

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0:00 Perfect Keto commercial and customer service
2:47 Mac & Cheese on sale
4:03 Being a “sellout”
4:44 Partners disappearing
6:08 Giveaways
8:34 Imposters / Scammers
10:37 Compliments
11:20 Unhappy YouTubers
14:13 Empty nesting
17:53 More channel updates

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The Importance Of Weigh Loss For Your Later Years

Most individuals desire to slim down because it will make them look much better, yet the fact is that slimming down is a health benefit none of us can neglect. We enable the pattern of weight gain to continue from our forties as well as beyond, and also before we understand it, we are encountering some significant as well as harmful scenarios later on in life.

Weight Loss After 40 – The Wellness Trifecta

Females usually locate that a number of areas of their lives change once they get to the age of 40. They get additional weight in their belly, have issues getting enough sleep and don’t appear to get the same arise from their exercise tries that they as soon as did. They frequently have less power and also more stress and anxiety, making them much less efficient at everything they do.

How To Lose Weight Staying At Home

There are simple techniques on how to slim down throughout the web. So you intend to reduce weight yet you don’t know just how to? This will certainly explain the simple steps that you can do remaining at house

What Losing Weight Can Do Besides Looking Good

All the talk today concerning slimming down is usually so that your body looks great as well as absolutely nothing else. Lots of people will certainly most likely to extremes as well as take pills that in fact harm their body to slim down as well as make their bodies thinner. How about slimming down except just superficial reasons as looking the hottest as well as reducing weight to really transform your life right. Reducing weight will undoubtedly make you thinner as well as look better if it is what you please, however slimming down does so a lot extra for you than that. Dropping weight makes you feel much better, makes your skin healthier and also remedies conditions.

Importance Of Exercises to Lose Weight

Besides eating the ideal kind of food and also viewing exactly how numerous calories you consume, exercising will certainly be a big help when attempting to drop weight. Naturally though if you work out, you would still require to eat the appropriate food as well as you will require to maintain it up. There are various exercises that you can do in order to reduce weight.

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