Practically Foolproof System for Poached Eggs – In Bulk or On Demand

Practically Foolproof System for Poached Eggs - In Bulk or On Demand

For years, my love of poached eggs was tempered by how hard I found it to make them consistently, perfectly, and in bulk. Most poaching methods I’ve seen are fine for one or two eggs, but what if you’re making Eggs Benedict for a family of six and need them all ready at the same time?

In this video, I show you the system I developed over the last few years as I learned from the methods of Alton Brown, America’s Test Kitchen, and my own experiments. Using this system, I can poach eggs in bulk (dozens, really) to either serve all at once, or to easily reheat later. I demonstrate this by making Eggs Benedict in just over 5 minutes.

Video links:
Homemade Canadian bacon:
Almost instant Hollandaise sauce:
My candied pecans (to use up the egg whites):
High Falutin’ Low Carb’s review of Victoria’s Keto Kitchen flour and “Dream Biscuits”:
Fox Hill Kitchen’s Crisps review:

Products used in this video:
Large strainer/colander:
Dutch oven:
Instant read thermometer:
Modernist Cuisine at Home:

0:00 Intro
0:47 Vortex method limitations
1:12 Tip 1 – Control the whites
2:05 Tip 2 – Dutch oven for bulk poaching
2:35 Tip 3 – Vinegar to set the whites
3:00 A dozen eggs or more
5:26 Tip 4 – Accounting for defects
6:18 Eggs Benedict in 5 minutes
8:42 Why not sous vide?

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