Pragmatic Keto Episode 3: Glucose Testing

Pragmatic Keto Episode 3: Glucose Testing

In this series, I’ll provide video responses to common questions, concerns and complaints that I get in the comments to my videos. I’m a pragmatist. I believe that the “right” way to do something is the way that “works”.

In this third episode, I discuss respond to many of the frequently asked questions and comments I get related to blood glucose testing and continuous glucose monitoring.

0:00 Intro
0:33 Why do I test if I’m not T2D?
1:21 What should viewers take away?
2:35 Why don’t I test in every video?
4:02 Product requests
5:19 Blood glucose vs continuous glucose
8:55 Variability and accuracy of monitors
10:47 Freestyle Libre mini review
16:08 Dexcom G6 mini review
19:02 Finger sticks and variation
23:41 Summary

Article on glucose and metabolic health:

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Few Guidelines About Slimming Centres

Keeping a healthy and balanced weight in today’s busy world can be actually difficult. If you’ve gone on a diet prior to as well as failed, it could be difficult to rework on a slendering strategy. But, if you put some initiatives to comprehend what it has to do with the diet plan that failed and exactly how it can be upgraded to match your way of living better, you might have an enhanced, reasonable as well as attainable slendering approach. There are variety of means to prevent the usual diet programs failings and also attain enduring weight-loss success. Developing a healthier relationship with food is all one requirements.

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Personal Evaluations

Give yourself an honest analysis on just how your overall health and wellness. Make a dedication and enable yourself to make needed modifications to boost your healthy way of life.

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