Pragmatic Keto Episode 4: Total Carbs vs Net Carbs

Pragmatic Keto Episode 4: Total Carbs vs Net Carbs

In this series, I’ll provide video responses to common questions, concerns and complaints that I get in the comments to my videos. I’m a pragmatist. I believe that the “right” way to do something is the way that “works”.

In this fourth episode, I share my take on Total Carbs vs Net Carbs, including the complications of sweeteners and “resistant starch”.

0:00 Intro & why I’m doing this topic
1:36 Is a carb a carb?
2:41 Early calculations
3:16 Alcohol sugars
4:18 Fiber differences
5:17 Resistant starch
7:45 FDA standards
9:50 My strategy
11:23 The short answer
13:02 Test your glucose / own your keto

Article on glucose and metabolic health:

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