Reducing Glucose Response in Bread pt 2 – Sourdough – Crazy Results!

Reducing Glucose Response in Bread pt 2 - Sourdough - Crazy Results!

Last month, I made a video testing out the claim that freezing, then toasting bread would reduce the glucose response by turning a portion of the flour into a “resistant starch”. This claim was made in an article from PubMed (linked below) and referenced in a video by Dr. Alan Mandell on his channel, motivationaldoc.

I was honestly surprised by the results in that video, so I made this video with more thorough testing (responding to a number of viewer requests), again using a Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor and the Levels Health app. I was not expecting the results that I got…

NOTE: consider this video for entertainment purposes only. This is one person’s results and should not be considered medical or health advice.

0:00 Intro
2:32 Baseline – sourdough bread
4:54 Toasted sourdough bread
9:05 Frozen and thawed sourdough bread
10:59 Frozen, thawed and toasted sourdough
13:35 Viewer comments and my responses
15:47 Final test – the impact of fat/protein
18:11 Summary

Video by Dr. Mandell:

PubMed article linked to in Dr. Mandell’s video:

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