Resistant Tapioca Starch – Legit Keto Ingredient or Scam? Is It Safe on Keto?

Resistant Tapioca Starch - Legit Keto Ingredient or Scam? Is It Safe on Keto?

I’ve been seeing “resistant tapioca starch” show up in a number of keto baking products lately, along with claims that it has only 1 or zero grams net carbs (vs 13-14 grams in “regular” tapioca starch). In this video, I do a few blood glucose tests and I see how resistant tapioca starch behaves in a simple baking experiment.

Is this stuff the real deal? Or does it spike my blood sugar like a number of other supposedly “keto friendly” products have? Does it cause me inflammation? And if it passes those tests, will it have a place in a keto baker’s pantry?

Big thanks to Janie Wang at Modernist Pantry for sourcing this product for me!

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