Serious Keto / Modernist Pantry Co-Interview pt. 1

Serious Keto / Modernist Pantry Co-Interview pt. 1

I recently did an interview with chef Scott Guerin of Modernist Pantry. We spent over an hour talking about recipe creation, using new ingredients, making keto adaptations of recipes, and modernist cuisine / molecular gastronomy.

This video is part one of the interview. There will be two more parts release in the upcoming weeks.

NOTE: the audio sync in this video is periodically a little janky.

0:00 Introduction
0:58 Interview kick-off
1:57 Scott – Working recipes/ingredients
6:36 Steve – Using new ingredients
8:44 Scott/Steve – Where do we start with a recipe
12:06 Steve/Scott – Dealing with variables in recipes
13:44 Scott/Steve – Mixing thickeners/emulsifiers
15:39 Scott – Hollandaise
17:28 Scott – Hydrocolloids

Thickeners on Modernist Pantry (use the coupon code KETOTARA for 10% off anything in their thickener category):

Recipe for “Make Ahead Hollandaise” that Scott mentions:

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