Sous Vide Deviled Eggs – Total Game Changer!

Sous Vide Deviled Eggs - Total Game Changer!

Hard boiled eggs can be tough to get right, but cooking them sous vide creates foolproof, consistently wonderful eggs. The whites are firm but delicate, the yolks are set but not chalky, and they don’t smell like sulfur. The resulting deviled eggs you can make are like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

In terms of macros, each full egg (or 2 halves) has:
– 1g total carbs
-7g protein
-7g fat

This recipe comes from ChefSteps, though I feel that the eggs are better cooked at 192F, rather than 194F. Here’s the link to the original recipe:

Products used in this video:
Kitchen Boss immersion circulator:
Cambro container:
OXO Instant Pot egg rack:
Variable measuring cup:
Cuisinart immersion blender:
Disposable piping bags:

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