Souvlaki – The Greek “Fast Food” That Just Happens to Be Keto

Souvlaki - The Greek "Fast Food" That Just Happens to Be Keto

In this video, I make souvlaki, which is typically made from chicken or pork, rubbed with a blend of spices and cooked on skewers. I’ll be making it both with chicken (grilled) and with little ground beef patties (baked).

Because this video is more about “how” to make souvlaki in various ways, I am not including the macronutrients or a printable recipe.

Herb/Spice Blend (enough for 2 lbs of protein. Either mixed with ground meat, apply as a rub or toss with meat in a large bowl to coat):
– 1 tsp dried thyme
– 1 tsp dried organo
– 1 tsp Aleppo pepper flakes or smoked paprika
– 1 tsp sea salt or kosher salt
– 1 tsp ground black pepper
– 1 tsp ground fenugreek seed

Tomato/Onion Salad:
– 4 medium tomatoes, sliced into half moons
– 1 medium red onion, thinly sliced the long way
– 2 tsp dried oregano
– 2 TB olive oil
– 1 TB red wine vinegar

Cooking temps and time:
Air fryer: 395F (200C) for 12 minutes
Convection oven: 425F (220C) for 20 minutes
Grill: high heat for 15 minutes, flipping at halfway point
Skillet: this is only recommended for ground meat, as the rub may get bitter tasting if it burns.

Inigo Nili’s egg white wraps:

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Ground fenugreek seed:
Skewers with sliders:

Chapter markers:
0:00 Intro
1:42 Spice blend / cooking
5:36 Tomato & onion salad
6:51 Plating & tasting

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