Sparkling HARD CIDER | 2 ingredients | Low Carb and High Alcohol – supported by NewAir fridges |

Sparkling HARD CIDER | 2 ingredients | Low Carb and High Alcohol - supported by NewAir fridges |

Chef Rob shows you how to make a SIMPLE dry and delicious hard cider. This cider is worthy of aging. In 3 simple steps, Chef Rob uses 2 ingredients to make a fantastic sparkling cider.

Supplies for Cider making:
3 gal Carboy:
Drilled stopper:
Bottle Labels:
22oz bottles:
12oz bottles:
Capper tool:

WLP715 Champagne – White Labs Yeast:

Also another good yeast:
WLP007 Dry English Ale – White Labs Yeast:

VIDEO SUPPORTED BY: NewAir appliances

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My Chef’s Knife:
My Induction Cooktop:

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