Sugar Free Chocolate / Baking Chips Review Showdown: Lily’s, ChocZero and Bake Believe

Sugar Free Chocolate / Baking Chips Review Showdown: Lily's, ChocZero and Bake Believe

In this video, Courtney and I review 12 different chocolate / baking chips from three different manufacturers: Lily’s, ChocZero, and Bake Believe. There were some clear winners and losers. Also, the carb info is listed below the time stamps.

Intro: 0:00
White chocolate chips: 1:37
Milk chocolate chips: 4:18
Dark chocolate chips: 6:31
Specialty baking chips: 8:56

Carb info:
Bake Believe white: 10g total, 3g fiber, 7g erythritol, less than 1g net
ChocZero white: 7g total, 6g fiber, 1g net
Lily’s white: 9g total, 3g fiber, 3g erythritol, 3g net
Bake Believe milk: 9g total, 4g fiber, 3g, erythritol, 2g net
ChocZero milk: 6g total, 5g fiber, 1g net
Lily’s milk: 8g total, 4g fiber, 3g erythritol, 1g net
Bake Believe dark: 9g total, 5g fiber, 3g erythritol, 1g net
ChocZero dark: 8g total, 7g fiber, 1g net
Lily’s dark: 8g total, 4g fiber, 3g erythritol, 1 g net
Lily’s butterscotch: 9g total, 3g fiber, 3g erythritol, 3g net
Lily’s salted caramel: 8g total, 4g fiber, 3g erythritol, 1g net
Lily’s mint chocolate: 8g total, 4g fiber, 3g erythritol, 1g net

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