Testing Resistant Starch pt 4 – Rice Revisited – The Final Experiment on Blood Glucose

Testing Resistant Starch pt 4 - Rice Revisited - The Final Experiment on Blood Glucose

This video is the fourth video testing the claims that “resistant starch” does not cause a significant blood glucose spike, and it will be the final time that I will be testing this process with rice. It is the most scientifically controlled video so far and utilizes a continuous glucose monitor along with the Levels monitoring program. That said, you should not expect a full blown research study level of science out of this.

DISCLAIMER: I am neither a type 1 or type 2 diabetic. I have been eating keto/low carb for almost two years and believe that I’m fat-adapted / metabolically flexible. I’m just one guy doing a test on himself for entertainment purposes, and nothing in this video should be considered medical or nutritional advice.

I will continue to test various potential resistant starches to see how I react, with video release probably once per month.

Intro and experiment details: 0:00
Baseline – “normally” cooked rice: 4:10
Cooked rice with butter: 7:50
Resistant starch rice: 11:51
Conclusion and next experiments: 15:00


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