Three Easy Things to Do with Scallion Sauce: Salad Dressing, Mayo, Egg Salad

Three Easy Things to Do with Scallion Sauce: Salad Dressing, Mayo, Egg Salad

Something I plan to start doing on this channel is a thing I call “recipe sequencing”. This is where I will take a leftover ingredient, leftover recipe, or a useful kitchen technique and do a follow-up video that show more uses.

In this video, I take my Vietnamese scallion sauce recipe and use it to build a salad dressing, a savory mayonnaise, and egg salad.

Video links:
Vietnamese scallion sauce:
Asian shrimp in coconut scallion sauce:
Easiest salad dressing technique:
Home made mayo:
Two minute egg salad:
Indigo Nili’s hot dog bun video:

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