Throwback Thursdays – Pan Roasted Wasabi Lime Almonds

Throwback Thursdays - Pan Roasted Wasabi Lime Almonds

Throwback Thursdays allow me to introduce newer subscribers to older recipe videos. These are recipes I’m proud of – but they haven’t gotten a lot of views due them being released before most of you were subscribers. This series will also allow me to answer frequently asked questions, discuss substitutions, and share any lessons learned.

In this video, I make one of my favorite savory snacks: pan roasted wasabi lime almonds. The keto macros on these are pretty outstanding, but it make take some willpower to limit yourself to a 1/4 cup serving.

Original video:

Printable recipe with macros:

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True Lime Powder:
Wasabi Powder:
MCT Oil:
Spice Grinder:
Rub Shaker:

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